A Monday so unfortunate it was hilarious

My assignment for the day was to cover the widespread flooding damage that occurred in Van Zandt county. The area received well over a foot over rain, which ended up completely wiping away many roadways, making it a dangerous place for drivers. 

So naturally, my camera man Zach and I set out to find those dangerous roads! 

The day started off incredibly well! We were getting unbelievable footage of roads that looked like someone threw a bomb on them. It also seemed as though we were going to be in a good position for top story in the 5pm newscast. 


We pulled over to a bridge that was under repair to shoot some footage of damages when all of the sudden a wasp (the size of a small bird, from my viewpoint) started buzzing around my necklace. 

I started to shimmy my way out of its path, but before I knew it, I felt like someone took a hammer to my chest! That wasp stung me on my collar bone and went on about its day! I was left on my knees screaming, "OUUUUUUCH!"


So what do you do as a reporter when you get a wasp sting in the field? You have to keep going! This, as much as I wanted it to be, was not my "go home for the day" opportunity. 

Zach and I still had at least one more interview and a couple more shots of flooding left to film. By this point time was running thin. 

We found the Neches River, only by accident on a far away county road and let me tell you, "Turn around, don't drown" is a for real thing. So many roads had our tires slipping and sliding, and some were too bad to even attempt, making our trips even longer and more inconvenient.

Once we got through some of the more scary parts of the roadways, we decided it would be a good idea to put me in those waters! 

I confidently walked out onto the rushing road with my new boots from my fellow news reporter, Skylar. 

That's when all of my lower extremities started feeling cold. 

"Surely not!" I thought to myself.

My boots had holes in them, so not only was the road flooded but so were my feet! I turned back at Zach on his dry plateau, "Zach! My boots have holes in them! I have water pouring into them!" 

I could tell Zach felt bad but all we could do was laugh.... and laugh hard! 

He said, "Well, you're already in there! Let's shoot this and get out of here!" 

He was right, so I did what he said! 

We got our last interview and rushed back to the station fora super quick package prep! 

We were down to the wire... but when five o'clock arrived, our package was airing as the top story. We did it!  


Zach and I exchanged a ridiculous amount of high-fives and fist bumps! We were on another level! We knew that even with everything thrown at us, we got through the day and we finished what we came to do! That moment made all of the crap worth it. 

To close out my evening, I sat at the bar top at Chuy's to get a dinner and a well-deserved drink. The cheerful bartender greeted me with, "Hello, ma'am! How has your Monday been?" 

I thought really hard about how I could tell him I got stung by a wasp, about how my boots had holes in them, which caused my feet to be freezing for two hours, or how we got lost and almost swept away by the Neches River. 

But instead I laughed to myself and told the bartender with a smile, "it was great!"