Houston's best facial: the prettiest skin I've ever had on camera


Primping yourself is always nice, but having someone else do it for you is undoubtedly more fun.


Before the cameras turn on for GMET weekend, you better believe I am examining every pore on my skin! HD TV plays no games, so it's important I always look my best! 

This weekend, I was confident beyond compare because I was fortunate enough to get some incredible attention by one of Houston's top estheticiansI say this, not because I am bias, but because you could literally open any national beauty magazine and they will point you to Estilo Salon and Spa's Vanessa Tort. 

This girl has skin care down to a science and I was more than excited to benefit from her talents during an hour of pure serenity. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 3.01.27 PM.png

Vanessa provided me with a deep cleansing and moisturizing facial, among several other skin-tingling treatments. I'm usually a total wimp in the "pain is beauty" department, but to my pleasent surprise this experience at Estilo was all gain, no pain. 

I even received an oxygen treatment from a machine that I now consider to be a magic wand! A little buzz here and a little buzz there, and all of the sudden my skin looked more bright than I have seen it in years! 

My TV glow was made possible by the miracle workers at Estilo. They guarantee "gorgeous" and they do not disappoint. They are fabulous, they are family and they are the simply the best

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And Happy 23!