Back in my getaway car

I got home from my cross-country adventure and I couldn't go a full seven days before I was right back in the car ready for more! It's laughable, really. 

I'm now a professional at packing a quick weekend bag and I wasted no time in doing so, when I got off work on Wednesday.

The only thing I was seeking during quick time away in Houston was an opportunity to take a fantastic nap. Outside of that, there were no huge plans or expectations, just a little hope for some much needed downtime. 

I got my lengthy nap... and I also came across a ton of unexpected adventure too! Probably more than I could have asked for! 

If I learned anything from getting in my car and traveling to the west coast and back, it was to expect nothing when you decide you want to make a break for it. Only then, do amazing and unimaginable moments unfold. 

After 10 days of road trip magic, can you blame me for trying for a little more? 

"Never stop wondering. Never stop wandering..."