We took a cab through the Whataburger drive-thru

It was midnight when I realized I was out of town, starving out of my mind, and I had no clue where the nearest 24 hour establishment was located. Scary times. 


The whole evening leading up to this moment was a series of unexpected yeses, so when I heard, "why don't we just cab it to Whataburger?" I was thrilled to continue the spontaneity.

I've taken many cabs and Ubers in my day, but none proved to be as entertaining as this one. This wasn't simply a cab ride home, this was a round trip to fast-food heaven! 

We were like children in the backseat painfully holding in our laughter, all while trying to communicate how funny this entire situation was. 

I started to doubt that the cab driver was actually going to let us use the drive-thru, but he did! 

Our laughter only increased as we got closer to the window. I know we must have looked beyond ridiculous having the cab driver pull up for the right amount of access to the backseat. 

It wasn't long before we had our Whataburger feast in hand. We made it home safely and all was well. 

It was not the adventure I anticipated would close out this evening, but one I most definitely enjoyed.