Being better over bitter

 Estilo Salon & Spa - Houston TX  

Estilo Salon & Spa - Houston TX  

I haven't stopped writing, but this week I did take a little break from publishing! Someone rendered me speechless, if you can believe it! 

We all have those weeks when we wish time stood still, we wish we had a few more seconds to process what just happened, we wish there was a quick answer. 

After such an amazing life changing trip, I allowed someone to hurt my spirit. I let another person's choices question my future and my possibility for happiness. Crazy, right? 

All I could think was: "they did it. Their plan to hurt me worked." 

Ouch! What an awful feeling! People can be mean! 

So now, we have to figure out how we get over it! I'm not one to linger on a feeling for too longespecially when they aren't good feelings! 

My two options are as follows: 

-Better: forgive this person, forgive yourself, let it go, move on and never ever repeat 

-Bitter: hold on, never ever forget, lose yourself, become hateful 

When you put those alternatives in a  list, the choice becomes pretty clear. We have to be better! Ain't nobody got time for bitterness! 

And the only person we have to better for is ourself. We get in trouble when we try and "show them" just how good we've become. That's not the point! 

I got the most appropriate text, just as I was feeling unfixable, "today will be bad, but tomorrow needs you."  Can I get an amen!? 

Oh the joys of being young, living and learning! Better over bitter, all day every day!