The doughnut I ate post-Lucky Cuss Motel

Donut Review 16: Pink Box Doughnuts - Las Vegas, NV


I'm pretty sure we can all agree that one of the highlights of my trip to California and back was when I got locked inside my room at the Lucky Cuss Motel (click here)So, when I finally broke free of that nightmare room, I needed some food that would instantly sweeten my situation. 

One quick google of "best doughnuts in Las Vegas" led me to Pink Box Doughnuts located just a few miles from the city center.


After several days of hiking, on top of my crazy motel experience, it was everything to walk into a clean and beautifully put together shop! It didn't matter that I myself did not feel clean or beautifully put together! 

Pink Box Doughnuts did indeed have plenty of pink boxes to go around and a wide selection of designer pastries. I took my time picking just the right one for that unbelievable morning. 

After much deliberation, I chose their cookies and cream doughnut, being that I am a lover of all things Oreo! 


This beauty had a coating of chocolate icing, topped with a cream drizzle, sprinkled with Oreo crumbles and was fully loaded with Oreo whip cream filling. It. was. to. die. for. 

It only took one bite to take away all of my chaos!

I finished my delicious breakfast, dusted myself off and headed straight for the Hard Rock Hotel! 

What happens in Vegas... right?