Guy's Guide to V-Day

You've heard the saying a million times.. "it's the thought that counts!" And you're going to want to keep this in mind for Valentines! 

February is upon us! It's time look past the cheap red and pink gifts… and exercise one of the most important aspects of love... thoughtfulness! (& this isn't easy for everyone!) 

So for the guys (& maybe girls) who need a little help stepping outside the super generic V-Day gift list… I have some suggestions for the sweetheart in your life. 

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The Busy Body

She's not too concerned about getting all dolled up, but still wants a special night for the two of you.

-Prepare a surprise candle lit dinner at home. If you can do the cooking, that’s an added bonus! But don’t be afraid to order from a professional! 

-Follow it up with a movie - a romantic comedy may work in your favor, gentlemen! 


The 'I Don't Want Gifts' Girl


She’s serious. The last thing she wants is that giant white teddy bear you saw at the drug store. 

-FLOWERS FLOWERS FLOWERS! This way, you didn’t completely show up to V-day empty handed and you managed to successfully remind her she matters. 

***Note ALL girls are a fan of flowers… and yes, we know they die eventually, guys. Just get the flowers. 

The Instagrammer

Any holiday is an opportunity to capture memories through the lens of her camera… and she can’t wait to brag about you on social media! So get cute... and take her on an experience.

-Get tickets to a trendy new art museum

-Go to a sporting event you BOTH like

-Create your own mini bar crawl through her favorite city

Don’t forget to smile when she pulls out her camera! 


The Beauty Queen

She can’t wait to show you how pretty she can be for you on this special night, and she’s even more excited to be on your arm in public. 


-Take her to a nice dinner - It could be a location where the two of you share memories or a place you did research on prior to the date… DO NOT ask her “well… where do you wanna go?” 

This is your night to treat this girl like the princess she loves being! 

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The Hopeless Romantic

She wants to be reminded that you look at her with stars in your eyes.

-Write her a love letter! - Yuck, I know it sounds like open-heart surgery, but this is a sure slam dunk! (It’s also something she can & will keep!) Don’t forget to be specific. Spell out what makes her special to you… and some of the reasons you love her most. 

Guys, no matter what you decide to do... don't overthink it so much that you don't end up doing anything at all. (Pro advice from one of my best friends, Hunter Sowards.)

You got this! Now go sweep your girl off her feet!