'Sisters First'

When you hear the names Jenna Hager Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush you might think, "those two wild party girls."

Today the established Bush women have successfully shed the unflattering image they were given as first daughters. 


Jenna and Barbara's new book "Sisters First" is a collection of stories that highlight their unique family life immersed in politics.  

I couldn't help but feel a tug in my heart every time I read about how closely their thoughts are intertwined, how they love to make their parents proud, or their passion for food and travel. It reminded me of the relationship I have with my sister, Julia. 

From the wide-open spaces of Midland, to the moments and days following 9/11, they provide an honest and personal perspective of the lessons they learned together. (Whether that was learning the right time for a practical joke... or always having donuts on standby!) 

Each chapter is essentially a love story to their life, each other, or their highly involved family. 

I laughed a lot at Jenna's self-deprecating humor and I learned just as much from Barabra's wise observations.

At face value, the Bush sisters are token opposites, but peel back the layers of this heartfelt book... and you'll find their souls are one in the same. 

If only, everyone was so lucky.  


Sisters First

Christmas 2015 with my sweet sister/soulmate Julia Bazaldua Nowak.