'Tamale Donut' defies all donut expectations

When you think 'donut', you're probably thinking sweet, sugary, fluffy, sprinkled, etc. 

But when it comes to the State Fair of Texas' Tamale Donut, you can toss all of those standards out the window! 


When I first learned the Tamale Donut was on the savory list of the 2017 State Fair of Texas Awards finalist list, I had some immediate reservations. I've had a few doughnuts that could be considered sweet and savory in the past... but never savory all on their own. 

As it turns out, Tamale Donut creator Justin Martinez (same creator of the Fried Thanksgiving Dinner) knew what he was doing! 

What you're eating is a fried pork tamale shaped in the classic donut ring. It's topped with a creamy jalapeno sauce (not spicy) and severed warm! 


Lesson learned: If being savory is wrong, I no longer want to be right! Worth every ticket! It was the first item of my 2017 State Fair experience and by far my favorite! 

NOTE: We were only able to find the donut at one booth (it's likely there were more, we just didn't see them)! It's 8 tickets per donut, but there is a coupon in the free fair guide that will get you a 3 ticket discount! 


Don't get caught with your mouth full! Enjoy!