Kid Approved, Top Pot Donuts

This weekend, I went on a first date. Lucky for me, it was by far the most adorable date I've ever been on.

His name is Foster and he is the darling child of my college roommate.

The last time I was in the same room with Foster, he was in his mama's tummy, so I knew our first in-person introduction needed to start off on the right note… Donuts felt like a safe bet. 

I bought two "Top Pot" donuts (info below) on my way to see him. One sprinkled donut for him, and one powdered-sugar raspberry-filled donut for me. 

His curious blue eyes filled with excitement as his mother and I woke him up with the surprise news!

Turns out, the idea of eating my doughnut out of my hand was much more attractive to him than having his own… and every competitive bite was funnier than the last! 

I was bursting with joy during every second of my morning with this chubby-cheeked angel. I have always loved children, but my friend's children really make my heart sing! 

And despite how much wild fun his mother and I have experienced throughout the years, this moment with her son topped them all.


I'm sorry for waking you up with the biggest hugs and kisses. Unfortunately, getting up early on a Sunday never really gets easier...

But I am glad you liked the doughnuts. I really liked them too. 

Love you dearly,