Inside my Bachelorette Pad

If the guys are allowed to have the ultimate bachelor pad before they settle down, I think girls should create their own sweet styled "bachelorette pad" as well! 

My personal bachelorette pad in East Texas is overflowing character, all while managing to envelope you with the love of a happy home. My photography and paintings hang on the walls, the open shelves display my favorite books, and every piece of decoration has special meaning to me. It is by far my favorite place I've ever lived in! 

But the love of a home doesn't come from one alone... 

My mother, Jo Mama, has doubled as my second opinion in nearly each and every decorating decision I have made in my young adult life. (She is truly a home design queen!)

This weekend her visit into town inspired many new creative decisions. 

Below are some of the updates we made to my home (most under $10!)... and I think you may find they'll work in your place too (even if you're past the bachelor/bachelorette stage of life)! 

1. The Betsy Ross Flag

I have been eyeing this vintage flag in my family home for over a decade, so when Jo Mama decided to hand it over to me, I knew it had to go on display!  

Flags are an awesome addition to any bare wall space... but my favorite come in red, white, and blue. 




2. Sign Goals

Sometimes you need reminders... words of affirmation to kick you into gear. And if you're not leaving your home with some positive reinforcement, I'd suggest changing that! 

This weekend we installed a large gold glittered wood "wander" sign above my doorway (handmade by Jo Mama)...  which fits perfectly next to my photography! 

And Mom couldn't pass up the customizable marquee at Walmart (less than $10!) for my bookshelf! It is my new obsession! 

3. Funky Kitchen Florals

Another Walmart steal ($6) that will give your kitchen new life! I die over these new patterns from the Pioneer Woman collection. Hang on your oven and you're done! 


4. Smell Goods

A great bachelorette pad doesn't smell like a bachelor pad... no offense guys! Plus, there's nothing like the glow of candle at the end of a long day...

While doing some shopping in Lindale I snagged this 'Pink Candy' candle from Miranda Lambert's Pink Pistol ($16). Love it already! 

5. Find a 'Jo Mama' 


Okay, this one may be hard to find because this woman is so one-of-a-kind! 

But I think everyone can agree... family and friends do more for a home than all the material items inside combined. 

Moral of the story, don't do the fun decorating alone! 

NOTE: This pink glittery throne is not part of my home... although I really wish it was.