Girls just wanna have sun

Behind every good hair day is a stylist who helped make that magic happen... mine just so happens to be family (& literally the best in the business). 

 Mario Tort - Estilo Salon & Spa Owner 

Mario Tort - Estilo Salon & Spa Owner 

After several submission requests for pictures of the "new do"... here we go! Your girl went blonde! 

About a month ago, I walked into my cousin's Houston salon and said "I want to go blonde. Do what you have to do." 

He smiled that "OMG-YAS-CHILD" kind of smile (knowing I had never said those words before in my life) and replied, "okay!"

We decided on an appropriate balance that would provide me summery-beachy-vibes for the weekend while maintaining a natural professional look at the anchor desk. 

... and honey, did he deliver! 

Even on the most humid Dallas day I am obsessing over these gold locks. Thank you Mario and the entire Estilo team for always making me feel so darling!