Some Love From Me, To You

Some Love From Me, To You

It seems as though on Valentine's Day you're either getting showered with roses and chocolates  or you're one of the millions of people poking fun at being '#ForeverAlone.' 

And if you happen to be one of those "I think Valentine's day is the dumbest consumer holiday on the planet, why are we spending billions of dollars on teddy bears and flowers" kind of people, this message is for you too. 

Each morning, I have the privilege of being inside the homes of thousands of people. And let me tell you, these people show my team some mad love every single day. 

I don't know them personally, 99% of these people have never met me, and somehow I have been granted the loyalty of an incredible region of Texas. 

So today, the least I can do is ask you to take my love (and gratitude) in return. 


Whether you have a Valentine or not, you are not alone today.

You are valued and very much appreciated by the girl who talks to you through your TV or phone. 

You inspire me. You (believe it or not) help me get up in the morning. You are the reason my passion has become my work. 

And get this... your love makes being a 'single 24-year-old' something I'm not sad about. 

Love is freaking awesome. And I hope you feel a lot of it today.