Erika Bazaldua2 Comments

Welcome: Same Space, New Look

Erika Bazaldua2 Comments
Welcome: Same Space, New Look

aaaand we're back! 

Following a six month hiatus, the site is up and running again with an entirely new look and feel! 

The new will be an online magazine, featuring my personal life adventures and the stories of the incredible people I cross paths with. The photographs and videos I capture (outside of work) will be at the forefront of the articles I share. 

To those who followed 'Yr. Twenty-Three', I thank you for being here with me once again.  

There was a lot to write about over the last six months: travel, hiking, a major job promotion, my sister's wedding, holidays, exciting yeses, and whole hell of a lot change! I have a feeling we will revisit those topics in the coming months... 

Until then, I hope you will become familiar with the new site layout. I have made it as simple as possible, with you in mind. 

Let the fun begin! 



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