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reality is not what it seems

Mind-bending. Imaginative. Carlo Rovelli's journey to the theory of Quantum Gravity is the expanded work of "7 Brief Lessons on Physics (Review Below). If you even have a slight interest in science, space or how the world works, this book will serve you well. "The only truly infinite thing is our ignorance."


call me by your name

Dream-like. Heartfelt. My 2017 Oscar favorite. The love story, the setting, and summer heat melt off every page effortlessly. My favorite love story to date. Elio and Oscar are an example of deep personal connection unlike anything I have ever read before.  If only we could all be so lucky to feel this lost in love. 

Behold Dreamers.jpg

behold the dreamers

Pure. Personal. Real. Imbolo Mbue tells the story of family, hardships, and dreams for a better future that feels non-fiction. This story opened my eyes to they way Americans and the American Dream is perceived. It also gave me a glimpse at how hard it is to attain for some. I am forever changed by this book. Important reading for everyone. 


the couple next door

Suspenseful & Mysterious. I read this book while I waited through the long process of Jury Duty. It kept my interest from beginning to end as I worked to figure out what happened to the little precious baby at the center of the story. Don't mind the negative reviews. It is a good day-read if you're craving a quick escape from reality. 


Sisters First

Darling. Funny. From the Heart. Two Sisters by Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara P. Bush is one of the most interesting family books I've read in years. Each chapter is essentially a love story to their life, each other, or their highly involved Bush family. The personal memories they share are real and relatable (even if you weren't a first daughter of the U.S.).


What unites us

Thought-provoking. Timely. Straightforward. Former CBS Anchor Dan Rather uses his rich history of reporting to break down the many facets of patriotism. He shares his unique relationship with America and the people who've shaped the nation over the past 60 years. A book that will have you reflecting on whether your idea of patriotism is true. FULL REVIEW HERE.



Twisted & Remarkably terrifying. Way more than just a scary story. Psychologically chilling from beginning to end. Stephen King spares no details in this horror classic. The reader takes several journeys with the "Losers' Club" from childhood to adulthood as they face their deepest darkest fears head on. 

into the water

Harrowing & Alluring. The Girl on the Train author Paula Hawkins tells the stories of several bizarre river deaths through the personal narrative of those directly affected by them. Engaging all the way until the final sentence. The book jumps from character to character to character rather quickly, so if you find yourself getting lost, I'd take some notes. Perfect weekend read.

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics 

Simple. Magical. Sincere. Dive into a world of science unlike anything you learned in school. Carlo Rovelli takes you on a wonderful ride to outer space, and on the way brings to life the smallest of interactions happening around you every day. The ideal afternoon read. FULL REVIEW HERE.

settle for more

Real. Touching. Informative. Megyn Kelly isn't afraid to dive into her stories of family, career struggles, what she calls "The Year of Trump", and workplace sexual harassment. Her message goes beyond her life story and seeks to empower everyone to get a little more out of life. FULL REVIEW HERE.


Timeless. Unsettling. Convincing. Step into the world of "Big Brother" in this George Orwell classic. A sharp rise in 1984 book sales following the election of President Trump pointed me to this read. Important read to consider no matter what side of the aisle you land on. FULL REVIEW HERE.

10% happier 

Enlightening. Funny. Engaging. ABC Nightline Anchor Dan Harris recalls his rise in news, personal breaking points, and how he manages the "ass hole" his brain. An interesting glimpse at the life of a hungry journalist. Not your typical self-help book. FULL REVIEW HERE.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Inspiring. Eye-opening. Heartfelt. A must-read for any and every woman. Rebecca Skloot does a phenomenal job of transporting the reader to an unbelievable time in history that would forever change healthcare for all. One of my favorite non-fiction reads.

Year of Yes

Fun. Raw. Engaging. Shonda Rhimes is one of my favorite television writers. In this book she talks work, motherhood, and overcoming insecurities. A great choice for anyone who knows and loves her creative work. 

Th1rteen R3asons Why

Heartbreaking. Eerie. Beautiful. I was sent this book in an anonymous book drive. One of my favorite books of 2016. This unique tale of a teenager's suicide (yes, suicide) is both beautiful and dark. I suggest you reading in one sitting. Perfect for a rainy Saturday. Soon to be a Netlix series. 

The Good Women of China

Powerful. Harrowing. Hopeful. A moving collection of stories of women who were unable to tell their own. Xinran, a Chinese journalist, challenges her government to provide a voice for all. The women she meets along the way are unforgettable. A warning: this book is not for the faint of heart. 


Motivating. Emotional. Heart-felt. Cheryl Strayed takes you through every intricate detail of a journey only so few take. She has inspired some of my biggest hikes (hikes I take alone!). A great mother-daughter love story. If you've already seen the movie, go ahead and still read the book. 

Big Magic

Kick ass. Funny. Colorful. If you loved Eat Pray Love you will love Big Magic. A great read for anyone who needs a motivational pick-me-up at work or home! Take a weekend to read this one, and you'll be better for it come Monday morning. 

Everybody's Got Something

Personal. Powerful. Real. Robin Roberts, my favorite journalist on earth, opens up about her life through near-fatal illness. You may watch her every morning, but you won't really know her until you read this one. Spoiler alert: she's just like us! 

The Sky is Everywhere

Lovable. Vulnerable. Youthful. Jandy Nelson brings out all of our high school feels in this selection. I choose to liter my library with teen novels and I have no shame in doing so. Keeps the heart young. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Raw. Touching. Heartbreaking. I read this book after a breakup. Warning: Do not read this book after a break up. It's not a happy story, but it is fantastic and worth your time. A great reminder of how important good friends are. 


Lovely. Captivating. Thoughtful. A side of Drew you have never seen before. A wonderful look at a young starlet - turned bad girl - turned everyday mother. A happy collection of beloved memories and lessons learned. 

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Lighthearted. Romantic. Relatable. Another teen novel to remind you of what it is like to fall head over heels in love. The book is the first of a series. I chose to stop after one, not because it was bad, but because it was just enough. 

It Was Me All Along

I'm putting this one up here because I think it could be of help to someone. This read didn't do it for me. For anyone looking for weight loss inspiration, this may be a good selection for you